Clayton-le-Woods Parish Council

Who are we?

Parish Councils are civil Local Authorities, being the lowest, or first tier of local government. Clayton-le-Woods is a large Parish within the borough of Chorley and has a long history, being established in 1884. It consists of 15 voluntary Parish Councillors who are elected for a four year term of office to serve and administer to the needs of the residents of Clayton-le-Woods village. It employs a Clerk to the Council and funding is raised by a precept on each residential property in the Parish, via your Council Tax. This allows us to carry out our duties to both improve and maintain the area in which we live.

What do we do?

The Parish Council owns a number of assets, including the Community Centres on Spring Meadow, Back Lane Woods; several Play Areas and the Skate Park near to Asda. The maintenance and improvement of these areas remains high on our agenda, as does the appearance of the area. We employ Lengths Men from Lisieux Hall to help keep the area litter-free and we maintain many of the flower beds around the Parish. Hence, we believe that Clayton is one of the prettiest and tidiest parishes in the whole of Chorley. We hope you agree!

If you have any ideas to improve the area, we'd be pleased to hear from you - just contact your local Parish Councillor or the parish clerk. If you prefer, fill in the contact us enquiry on the right.

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