Cunnery Meadow Play Area and New Lighting

The Parish Council extended the size of the play area and renewed all the equipment on the Cunnery Meadow play area in 2019. Prior to the works, this play area was a small toddler facility, which had been in place since the nearby estate was built. The play area was not well used and needed a facelift.

Residents and local primary schools were consulted to find out what children and families wanted from a revamped play area. One of the key elements flagged up by the consultation was that a play area should be provided that was suitable for a wider age range of children, from toddlers to primary school children. 

The £65,000 cost of the project was jointly funded with the Lancashire Environment Fund, who contributed £30,000 to the project and the Parish Council utilised the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) grant for the remaining costs.  
The Parish Council had been asked by residents to look at the lack of lighting on the path running through the play area and as the work progressed on the new play area the Parish Council agreed to spend £12,600 CIL grant on the installation of new street lighting on the footpath. This work was undertaken by Lancashire County Council at the same time as the new play area was installed.